Artist Statement

I have always loved patterns. I began making collages in response to my daily routine, where my hands were preoccupied by a keyboard and mouse. I missed the physicality of making, so I started experimenting with found materials.

In my work, I marry my interest in paper, printmaking, and textiles by cutting apart pre-existing patterns, shapes, and colors and connecting them back together in different ways. I disrupt the existing order and create compositions with new rules, color combinations, and movement. Composed with found materials using precise techniques, my work explores the grid through woven structures and elements. My color systems and material juxtapositions create transparency, depth, and movement.

I am inspired by both the spontaneity of Abstract Expressionism and the restraint of Minimalism. When I make collages, I often just start working, cutting materials and combining colors and patterns that speak to me, channeling automatism, a technique used by prominent Abstract Expressionists. I embrace this spontaneous process for its playfulness and flexibility. At the same time, Minimalist artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Joseph Albers also inspire me because their work is more deliberate and methodical. Finally, I have always been drawn to Agnes Martin’s work due to her exploration of the grid.

I am continually developing my own style through process. The woven element in some of my work derives from my apparel industry background and being constantly surrounded by fabrics. I see weaving as a form of structured play and deliberately seek out ways to push the boundaries of the grid. All collages are mounted onto paper using Brian Shure’s master technique, with paste made from Japanese wheat starch powder.

- Jane Philipps


Originally from the Bay Area, Jane Philipps is an artist and software engineer living and working in San Francisco. She received her BFA in Printmaking, Drawing, and Writing from Washington University in St. Louis in 2009. After graduating, she moved back to the Bay Area and worked in the interior design and apparel industries; she sold high quality textiles and wallpaper to interior designers as well as developed and produced lots of cool products. In 2013, she started to pursue her artistic practice again and learned to code. By day, she is a software engineer.

Past Shows

  • Crown Salon, San Francisco, CA, October - December 2016

  • McGuire Furniture Gallery, San Francisco, CA, January 2015 - 2016

  • St. Mark's School 150th Anniversary Art Show, Southborough, MA, October 2015

  • West Coast Craft, San Francisco, CA, December 2014 (juried)

  • Textilis, JEFF Gallery, San Francisco, CA, November 2014 (solo)

  • West Coast Craft, San Francisco, CA, November 2013 (juried)


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